CARA SHIELDS Scar Tree Lines 5

CARA SHIELDS Scar Tree Lines 5

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Scar tree lines series is a contemporary view of regrowth lines from a Scar Tree in between Dubbo and Narromine, Wiradjuri Country.  

Scar Trees leave an outline of a coolamon, shield or a canoe.  My inspiration comes from a canoe tree. 

Layers of bark removed from the tree trunk create a swirling/straight line regrowth pattern.  These stylized lines will continue to grow on the Scar Tree, sometimes the tree will create multiple layers of bark regrowth. 

Using multiple layers of Ochre and acrylic are applied to the canvas in a free flowing manner to represent the layers of regrowth and rejuvenation.  By mimicking the brushstrokes with a pattern of swirling/straight line work, Scar Tree Lines is a contemporary viewing of Scar Trees still present in the landscape today.


Acrylic and Ochre on canvas

30 x 30 cm