DAVINDER HART Noongar Artist

Davinder Hart is an Indigenous artist who was born in Perth Western Australia. His family roots are connected from Bibbulmun & Katanning in the southwest region of the Noongar people. After turning one he grew up in Adelaide till he was eighteen.

He traveled to Ayers Rock Resort in early 2013 where he became an Indigenous activities presenter showcasing his culture to the guests that arrived from around the world. Running workshops such as boomerang & spear throwing, bush tucker talks, didgeridoo, and traditional dance.

Davinder is strongly connected to the Ngemba people west of New South Wales. They provided him with identity and ownership of his culture by going out bush and practicing old traditional ways.

With knowledge passed down from his uncles and elders, he can tell stories through his paintings. His paintings reveal the traditional lessons that show morals, ethics, and values as well as his own personal lessons along his cultural journey.

In 2016 Davinder chose to reside in tropical Far North Queensland and would like to acknowledge his uncle Waylon Boney & Grandfather Paul Gordon for their knowledge passed down.