‘There is so much beauty in this world and it’s hard to capture it all, but I can try.’ (Sarrita King)

At 33 years old Sarrita King lives in Darwin, N.T where she spent most of her youth. The Northern Territory continues to be the source of much of her creative inspiration along with the stories her father, the late, William King Jungala, shared with her.

Sarrita is the younger sister to artist Tarisse King and daughter of renowned influential indigenous artist, the late William King Jungala. Her combinations of styles, philosophies and pictorial story-telling have become characteristic of her work, resulting in acclaim and world-recognition as an iconic artist in her own right. 

‘My works try to capture philosophies and elements of life that everyone can relate to and feel a connection to. This brings the viewer into the artwork and helps… them to understand Aboriginal culture.’ (Sarrita King)

Spending her formative years in the harsh and exacting Northern Territory, she was close to the spirit of her people, the Gurindji tribe and she daily felt the degradation, reparation, hope and beauty of a land that was in constant flux, turmoil and renewal. 

At the age of 16 she began to paint. The sand hills, lightning, space, direction, mass, torrential rain, fire, rivers of sand – everywhere the inspiration was rife and plentiful. Representing these visually riveting and dramatic Australian icons on canvas was the challenge that Sarrita accepted and dominated.