SANDON GIBBS O'NEILL Nhunggabarra (My people)


SANDON GIBBS O'NEILL - Nhunggabarra Artist

Nhunggabarra is my people, my family and my community. We are the people of Nhunggal country. This piece is representative of the community and its importance in our lives. Our families, friends, brothers and sisters are illustrated in the u-shapes. These u-shapes are reflective of people as they show the mark that would be left behind after sitting cross-legged around a campfire. The white line through the artwork shows an individual's journey and their connection to different communities and the land. The circles show that we all walk together, learn together and are all equal and respected within our community. The colours are inspired by our gum tree and nature. 

This original artwork was used as a design with Postal Skate for a limited edition collaboration.

24.5 x 87 cm

Acrylic on canvas