Meeting place is one of Davinder’s most painted stories. There are many variations of this painting, but the story base is always the same. Colours do not always necessarily have meaning although for certain pieces they may. For example, blue for water and natural earth colours for the landscapes and ochres.

There are many different meeting places around Australia where we have gathered since traditional times keeping the stories alive. Going to these places you learn about several things, depending on what site you are at. Some will give you directions towards a destination point while other places can teach you about the landscapes and the stars in the sky.

We have stories for everything. Including the importance of sharing and the consequences of being greedy. When we all come together for big gatherings everyone is on the same page and follows the law. Different mobs have different stories, but all have the same lessons. That is how we build our connections.

The meeting place design will consist of circles that represent the different mobs that have come together to share their knowledge from their countries. Things like songs, dance, weaponry, medicine, and bush tuckers. Most of the time the circles will be connected to each other with straight or wavey lines that represent their connections to each other and mother earth.