JASMINE COE Honeybee Hive

JASMINE COE Honeybee Hive


JASMINE COE - Wiradjuri-British Artist


This work is used to highlight the importance honeybees play in our natural world. Through cross pollination in flowers, they transfer pollen from the male organ to the female organ. Pollination only happens in flowering plants and once pollination is complete, these flowers are then ready for fertilization.

Within the work the honeybees are a symbol of life with the Queen representing strength in feminine energy. 

Within the hive, the work represents the importance of balance and the strength of community. Through hard work, honeybees show what we can achieve when we come together. On a small local scale, connecting and engaging with those around us but also on a global scale, working as a collective, united in supporting our planet.

 The purpose of ‘Honeybee Hive’ is pollination. To uphold a sustained environment, and through this process, a sweet by-product is created, honey – an outcome of collective energy and an example of what can be achieved when coming together.

50 x 50 cm

Acrylic on canvas