JASMINE COE Spring Swarm

JASMINE COE Spring Swarm


JASMINE COE - Wiradjuri-British Artist


'Spring Swarm' is a celebration of new life and the importance of collective behaviour.

Most honeybees swarm and look for a new home during spring. Once the scouting bees have found their new home they encourage other bees to agree on the new location by performing a dance. If the other bees agree, they will dance in return. You can see the bees dancing through the canvas on their journey to find a new home.

Each honeybee has their specific role to play within the swarm and hive, all working together in a delicate but powerful community colony.

Swarming can be seen within other animals. In the face of climate change ‘Spring Swarm’ encourages us to tap into what we instinctively know. A swarm mentality encourages us to use our intuitions, act instinctively towards our environment by celebrating and protecting our natural world.

80 x 30 cm

Acrylic on canvas