MELNUNNIE Wiradjuri Ngiyampaa Artist

Matthew "Melnunnie" Brettschneider of Melnunnie Art is a proud Wiradjuri and Ngiyampaa artist based in Maroubra, New South Wales.
 He is originally from Hillston in Western, New South Wales. Hillston is a special place that borders both Wiradjuri and Ngiyampaa Country of which Matthew has ties to both people and informs his practice.

The Wiradjuri word "Melnunnie" means "red". This word holds particular importance to Matthew. It's a word that brings focus to Matthew’s historical connection to the river red gums of his upbringing, and the red dirt country of Hillston. "Melnunnie" is also Matthew's nickname that was endearingly adopted to mirror the physical feature of his natural hair.

Matthew is interested in the practise of Aboriginal culture and storytelling through Aboriginal art. The key themes of his practice are centred on Country, home and belonging. His approach to artmaking intentionally challenges the audience’s impulsive tendencies to view Aboriginal art solely in its abstract form. Beneath these forms are stories that exist through each mark and stroke threading narratives of people and place.